Five Key Plays: Michigan 69, Michigan State 50


(The rules also don’t mandate that coaches put their best players on the bench with two fouls.)

Love it Theo


Also that charge Mike Smith took in clip 3 sent Watts to the bench for the final 17 minutes of the game!


Oh another thing, this set on the last play in our 10-0 run caught my attention live. I haven’t really noticed it much before but it looks like there would be a lot of potential actions out of that 3 man stack if Mike doesn’t get a clean look at 3 off of the initial screen.

@umhoops or anyone else, is there a name for this set?

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It’s been run a bit. I think one of the Gibson Pyper articles mentioned it.

Found it @Superfan16 . He calls it Pistol 5


Appreciate it!

They ran this play 2 times in a row for Austin, while Franz & Isaiah sat on opposite side like this. Was just shaking my head, silently mouthing words “why, why???”

"Aaron’s call, when he’s going up for a shot he gets hit. I didn’t see it, but that changed the game.”

So you didn’t see it Tom, but you know he got hit? Yeah, his poor elbow got hit by Franz’s face.


I love the more demonstrative Franz we’ve seen lately. You can tell that’s Moe’s brother in the top pic :wink:

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