Five Key Plays: Michigan 68, Penn State 55

A big difference between PSU’s and Michigan’s defence is that PSU often seems to overhelp (ie.- help when it isn’t necessary). On 3 of the plays here (2 in the #1 Poole sequence, and on the Iggy late 3), PSU’s tendency to overhelp created easy looks. The one that really stands out to me is the Poole behind the back pass for the dunk. Reaves was playing Poole’s drive perfectly, and the big jumped to help when Reaves needed no help at all. Dread took heat for not filling the gap, but all that would have done was to leave Brooks open for a 3. I feel like the overhelp trend peaked in NCAA ball about 2 seasons ago, when “overhelp” seemed to be a basic tenet of every team’s defensive approach. Michigan seems to be at the forefront of a more stay-at-home defensive philosophy, which limits kicks to open 3-point shooters, and accepts that sometimes your opponent is going to make challenged 2’s. I like it.