Five Key Plays: Michigan 61, Wisconsin 52

On the Simpson reverse layup we were sitting up in Sec 217 so pretty far from the action, but we were on the side from which Simpson was driving, he went under the basket on the baseline and I was looking for the ball to come flying out to Iggy. But NO, somehow the ball kissed off the backboard and through the hoop. What an outstanding play. Watching on the replay today, I think it was Gus Johnson who call Simpson, “The Magician.”

I couldn’t believe that wasn’t a travel. Just felt like it should have been. Love the craftiness!

Actually, it wasn’t a travel. He was still in the air when it left his hand. I don’t know how he did it. A little bit of MAGIC, I guess! :wink:

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For the record, I think it was Jim Jackson that called someone the magician.

Hey guys… way off topic i know… but found some Kameron Chatman highlights from UofD
my conclusion is that there is hope for everyone, even Eli Brooks ;)) basketball is a fickle game for some people.


Whoops typo, fixed it. Same page

People forget how utterly lost DJ Wilson looked before breaking out too.

Sounds like something Gus would say, but I really don’t know. Whoever said it, I like it, and I think it’s apropos. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love when Teske seals off the help defender like he does in the final play of clip 3 where Matthews gets a dunk. So subtle yet so huge.


Not only do Michigan’s shooting woes continue, but M also continues to struggle in transition. After watching Gibson Pyper’s excellent video breakdown of what’s bogging down M’s transition, you could see it all over the court with poor spacing and decision-making.

Yes! I meant to include transition offensive struggles in the takeaways. There was one instance where two players ran right to the same corner. I think it was Livers and maybe Poole?


If it’s the instance I’m thinking of then yes, it was Livers and Poole. IIRC, Livers got to the corner and then Poole was standing about three feet away. Isaiah could’ve had a good transition three attempt but Poole’s presence brought in his defender as well and so Livers kicked it back out. Middle/late second half?

(Can’t find a full game upload on YouTube yet to verify.)

On the missed 3’s, I think the Poole misses were bad luck. But Iggy clearly did not set his feet right on his shot. And neither did Matthews, but that was partially due to a low pass from Iggy. I think Teske just maybe did not have the legs for the deep ball in the second half. Considering how he played otherwise, I’ll give him a pass.

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