Five Key Plays: Michigan 60, Rutgers 52

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There’s going under a ball screen, and then there is doing what Rutgers did on the first two 3s by Simpson.

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To be fair, that’s a look that gave him trouble at points in his career. Basically the Northwestern strategy last year.


I sure was worried Brooks may have been concussed from Geo Baker’s shoulder on that loose ball. Great to see him healthy enough to return and deliver that dagger.
Lots of bumps and bruises from that game. Franz took a heavy shot to the jaw, BJJR took a shot driving to the rim and DDJ was leveled on his drive.

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I hope teams continue to do this to X. He looks confident taking that open shot.

Eli Brooks man…

Watch the first clip in Five Key Play #3 (the DeJulius floater) and then this one, as well:

Even though both of these shots go in, DeJulius has a not great habit of settling for floaters when there is a lane to the hoop to either finish at the rim or draw a foul. In both clips, he beats his defender off the dribble on the close-out, but pulls up from 8-10 feet. In the gif above, there isn’t even a big in the paint – he could finish at the basket pretty easily.

This matters because DeJulius is shooting 22/60 (36.7%) on “other” two’s, but 69.2% at the rim.

Side note, @umhoops, it is hard to upload videos to the forum, lol.


Gotta upload them somewhere else (YouTube, Gfycat, whatever)…

I think the way we screened made any “going under” approach look like that and wasn’t necessarily a coached thing. On the first play, there’s a lot of traffic in the double pick. So if you go under, you have to fight through two screens. Very difficult. As long as you set the screens right, it’ll be tough to go under and not give up a ton of space.

On the second play, Teske basically subtly does a moving screen. He screens and then kind of slowly rolls to the basket through the defender so that they can’t recover.

Yup, used Giphy.

Yeah I almost just mentioned the 2nd one since as you said there’s a ton of congestion there with the double picks in the 1st one.

Surprise surprise. Big Shot Brooks makes another appearance in Five Key Plays.


I think how big of an issue this is depends on how well he can make that floater. Cassius Winston finishes with all sorts of little floaters and things of that nature. Simpson has the hook.

Small guards need a few different moves that they are comfortable going with.


If you watch all of the Franz threes in #4 (and DeJulius’ made three in the clip prior), you see why Rutgers gives up so many of those attempts. Watch Rutgers’ off-ball defenders. Their default is aggressive gap defense, help even if it’s one pass away, and clog the paint.

Michigan is/was perfectly designed to beat that scheme… even after missing a ton of good looks from three. If you have a ball screen player who can find open guys, the shots behind the arc are going to be there.


Definitely. Just gotta take the openings to make those shots easier when they’re available.

Has anyone else noticed DDJ makes that baseline floater at least once per game?

Here’s to Colin giving them a much needed spark! It’s gotta be tough playing so little but he stepped up when needed.

He does love that shot. I’m good with it, even when it’s an air ball that ends up looking like an alley-oop pass to Davis.

On the topic of Dave’s tendencies, notice how he spins underneath screens defensively. He does it all the time, and it drives me crazy.

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I noticed the same thing but it has been working surprisingly well. I think it’s probably relatively unscouted–as soon as ball handlers figure out that’s what he’s going to do, just cut back the other way and he’s out of the play.

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Dylan great take on Wagner’s three. Even if he misses he looks good, same stroke. I wonder if gaining 5 - 8 pounds of muscle with Camp Sanderson over the summer will help his percentage next year.