Five Key Plays: Michigan 103, Iowa 91


I have a hard time believing this Simpson 3-point shooting is real, but I will say he seems much more confident and decisive. If he can keep this up, the sky’s the limit for him!


Kinda hoping to see all of Garza’s buckets clipped together since I was away from tvs for the game.

Great offense. I wonder if sporadic double teams on Garza may break up the Iowa rhythm?

Or give Iowa open threes that change the whole game.


Wouldn’t you say its worth trying something different if Garza picks up where he left off in Iowa City? Iowa scored 1.22 PPP so I’d guess there are some things we can do differently on D against them.

Gotta think process vs. results a bit. There’s a chance that you change everything and then Iowa’s guards/wings get going and blow the game open. There’s also a good chance that maybe he misses a few more shots and turns it over once or twice.