Five burning questions Michigan needs to answer in postseason play

Is there anyone on the bench who can flat out shoot? The Spike Albrecht of the year?

Hope we don’t have to wait until the NCAA tournament for Poole to return to earlier season form.

I recall Nik Stauskas hitting a wall his sophomore season as teams started to game plan against him. He finally said “Screw this” and took his game to a higher level. Mr. Poole and one or two other rotation players need to do the same thing. This team has a higher ceiling. It would be nice if we could at least get a little closer to it.


I’m really rooting for Matthews in the postseason. He needs to go out on a high from this program.

His Sr. year hasn’t been stellar offensively by any means. In B1G play he had the worst fg% of our top six players at .416.

He also finshed fourth in ppg average on the team in B1G play. Who would’ve predicted that in preseason?

I’d love to see the “good Charles” re-emerge for a three week stretch going forward.