First Look: Setting the stage for Michigan at Michigan State

I think theyre ready. I mean they started the season on fire but they just regressed lately. Hopefully they play smart and hard and finally hit some threes on the road.

State looks like their finally hitting a groove which stinks. Had we caught them early I think we would have beat that version of state.

I hope z doesn’t try and do too much and is more of the distributing z we saw early. Also teske needs to play like a man and bring his a game.

They have the talent can to win, it’s about executing. Also the sloppy turnovers need to be cleaned up. Can’t have this in big ten play.

I have a weird feeling johns is going to explode tomorrow. Ddj as well.this feels like the type of game ddj lives for and I expect him to hit some threes tomorrow.

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I’m just a little bitter that hall of fame Izzo found the pairing which ignited the rest of their season due to circumstance rather than keen foresight. Tillman and Winston down the stretch were pretty much unstoppable with the perimeter threats of Goins and McQuaid.


They’re both Michigan kids and Brandon is from East Lansing. You KNOW they want to play really well against these guys! I have a feeling Juwan wants it badly, too! And X, are you kidding me? WOW!!! I just hope we play well and then anything can happen. Is State the favorite, of course they are, but keep it close and…who knows…anything can happen.


Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but Johns hasn’t played a “good” game away from home this season, road or neutral.

He will also be “home” in the sense of the town that he grew up in. Also, I have to believe Johns getting a start against the hometown team that he was “expected” to go to will get him pretty amped for this game. He gets the gravity here

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Your not bursting my bubble, no one on the team has really had a good away game period. Johns was at Least aggressive against Illinois and didn’t get much run if I recall. Also I’d counter that he only started to play better against Oregon. There’s only one non home game in there. I don’t think it’s an away from home thing more so as it was he was asleep the first 8-9 games.

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Maybe Big Sleep was told to say that if asked. I say Livers plays. No one thought Franz would be ready to go in the first Bahamas game either.

I’m concerned about Johns being openly amped up for this one, to be honest. Will be interesting to monitor him early.


I really need to see BJJr step up. I feel like if we’re going to go deep into the dance, we need him to start to be elite. That means making the right choices, grabbing rebounds, driving the ball and making layups.

Everyone gonna have to do their part, play clean, drive the ball well and then be able to open up 3pt opps for Baby Doe. X will probably have to make a couple 3s himself.

MSU starting to hit their stride. They demolished Illinois.

Don’t think we win this one, but who knows. If we lose by single digits, it wont be a failure, especially when road wins are extremely tough to come by.