First Look: Florida Gators


You know, I’m a Florida grad but a lifelong UM fan so will be pulling for Michigan. Gotta say these match ups are really getting old (especially in football).


Quick observations on Florida based on KenPom + HoopMath:


G - 6’2" KeVaugh Allen - Shoots lots of unassisted 2s and 3s, not effecient at either. Doesn’t get to the rim or draw fouls . Not much of a passer.
G - 6’5" Andrew Nembhard - Great passer. Elite in transition. Solid at getting to the rim. Solid shooter. Not much of a pull-up guy. Doesn’t take a ton of shots. Seems like a fairly typical freshman 5 star point guard on a meh team.
F - 6’5" Jalen Hudson - Good finisher. Can get to the rim.Takes a lot of threes (spot-up and pull-up), but he’s really bad at it and it tanks his effeciency.
F - 6’5" Keyontae Johnson - Good finisher. Good three point shooter. Doesn’t take enough of them. Also a very good rebounder.
C - 6’9" Kevarrius Hayes - He’s a big man who dunks and blocks shots. Elite block rate. High effeciency.

G - 6’3" Noah Locke - Just a shooter
C - 6’9" Dontay Bassett - Replacement level big man


Some red flags here for me (note: hasn’t been seen here much, but virtually every team has red flags for me. Call me “equivocating eeyore”).

Michigan really struggled against Penn State against that soft press, and had trouble with it when Montana broke it out. Beating that press and producing efficient offense is going to be a huge deal.

It doesn’t take much for Michigan to get shut down on offense, so good defenses spook me. Texas Tech and FSU are worries for me if Michigan advances for the same reason. If Florida knows how to play in a slog-fest, they’ll be comfortable playing in a game in which Michigan is largely good on defense but can’t get things moving on offense.

Dylan tweeted a couple of times tonight about Michigan “not getting in gear” on offense. That’s… an evergreen statement.

This looks to be a tough game.


Hudson and Simpson are familiar with each other:


What is the logic behind having Michigan-Florida as the first game in Des Moines tomorrow when both teams played after MSU and Minnesota the first day?

Not that I think a couple more hours of rest and prep would make much difference, but it’s just odd. Minnesota and MSU basically get more than 50+ hours between games and Michigan gets like 40


My doctorate is from UF, but I have never rooted for anyone but Michigan. Personally, I like to be gracious and just walk around with a sh*t-eating grin when the UM beats UF, but I’d prefer not to have to listen to any teasing from Florida friends and family tomorrow!


Look at X with the jump shots :slight_smile:

Speaking of Florida game… I think it might be a slugfest like the Houston game last year in the round of 32. Thankfully Florida doesn’t have a Rob Gray to turn to on offense (hope this doesn’t draw the wrath of the Rob Gray detractor on this here site). Big game Saturday. Big game.

As far as rotation, it appears with Matthews back healthy, Coach Beilein is going with 7 man rotation unless foul trouble occurs.

Brooks resurgence is notable and appreciated. Keep shooting Eli and continue those jump stop drives into the lane


I will bet you any money that the “logic” = TV $$$.

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Yeah I mean it’s clearly for TV, but I don’t even know which game they specifically moved for TV purposes. They are both 2 vs 10 games involving a power program from Michigan. Neither one on the surface seems worth moving around the schedule for.

Way back in 2013 when Michigan and MSU were both in Auburn Hills, MSU led off the Thursday afternoon session (12:15) with Michigan in the first evening session game (7:15). Two days later on Saturday, Michigan played first (12:15) and MSU followed at 2:45.


If Michigan can defend the three-point line, I think their chances are pretty solid in the game as a whole. Obviously not that simple, but it’s an important bit.


Don’t turn the ball over, keep Harris and Johnson off the offensive glass, and make some of the open 3s we’re likely to get.

Didn’t X have one of his worst games of the year @PSU when they used a similar zone/trap?

Which mediocre three point shooting team has the hotter game will likely determine the winner. I like our chances.

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Can we just be happy that Michigan is not tipping at 10?


:100: :100: :100: :100: :100:

Did I read this wrong? Or is there something I am missing? Dylan reports Michigan playing at 5:15 eastern time and MSU at 7:45. I also googled NCAA Tournament TV schedule and got the same starting times. My wife and I will be at a wine event in TC all afternoon, but I expect to be back at our hotel room by 5:00ish, definitely by 5:15.

He was talking about the times for the 2013 tournament

Yeah, sorry, was talking about back in 2013. My “fast forward to Saturday” line was confusing now that I read it again. You have the game times correct! 5:15 for UM/UF and 7:45 for MSU/Minn. Sorry!
Changed that post so it is less confusing!