First Look: Can Michigan figure out Michigan State?


Ah shit, pack it in. We’re screwed.


“Can Michigan figure out maxed out, locked in, peak performing Michigan State?” is a more accurate, yet worse headline.

I think Michigan can figure out Purdue-game Michigan State.

My gosh, it seems almost impossible to be shooting 9% from that corner off of ball screen passes. It reminded me that that was where Brooks’ attempt was on Tuesday. I wonder if they would’ve been better off running the same action to the other side of the court.

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It’s unlikely that the difference in corners is anything besides statistical noise. Especially since before Jan 1 they were 68% from that corner

Or Wisconsin game MSU or Penn State game MSU. The issue is MSU just goes super saiyan against us by default.


That pass is much easier to make with your right hand IMO which is why it is run that way.

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Transition D needs to be much better this time v MSU. IIRC MSU had 15 pts in transition at the Breslin. Keep that number <6 pts and hit a few open jumpers and I like the Wolverines’ chances to get the W.