Final Four Hype Video - "Poole Party"


Made one when we made the Final Four in 2013, so figured I should make a follow-up:


My man. You made an amazing video. It really captured the unique personality of this team. Very artistic. Thank you!


Probably the best hype-vid for Michigan hoops I’ve seen. Very nice editing job, Joel.


This is awesome. Love the flashbacks!


Would have loved more Morricone, though!


well, you can always watch the 2013 vid :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it! Hope we get just as far and then one step further this time around!


Fell asleep watching this video like 10 times. Woke up in the middle of the night and watched it a few more times. Just an incredibly well done video. I hope the team watches this video before the game tomorrow. If the team watches this video it has got to be worth a good five points against Loyola…Seriously, the best hype video I have ever seen…It is a masterpiece!


Dude. This was very, very well done. Bravo


Fantastic! The Burke shot, Stu’s dunk and Zack’s Rage throwbacks were great. Thanks for all your effort!


Well done JC…that was awesome!

Go Blue!