Final 3 Home Games - Visitors

Any recruits lined up to come visit for our last 3 home games?

Sun 2/23 MSU
Sat 3/1 Minnesota
Sun 3/8 Indiana

Looked like Wisconsin was a good visitor day for us.

Jamal Murray on Sunday

Quick question. Does a loss like the one we had against Wisconsin hurt us in the eyes of recruits when they visit? I know we didn’t play exceptionally well, but at least we got it close within the last couple minutes of the game. So basically, are recruits more concerned with the atmosphere and Michigan experience than the end result of the game? Obviously a win doesn’t hurt, but our record thus far is pretty good and as long as we’re not performing terribly in a loss or losing to a much worst team, I’d hope recruits would be able to look past it.

I’m sure it plays into what they are thinking at least a little bit, how could it not? I would like to think that a win has more upside than I loss has downside though.

The thing to remember is that recruits are athletes … not fans. They’ve lost games before and they understand that teams lose. Obviously winning is better than losing, but I don’t think a loss is ever going to mean that much, all things considered.

I don’t think that losing a game in front of a recruit has any impact on a recruit who won’t sign a LOI until at least next fall.

Winning the game creates a better atmosphere, so it has a more positive feeling to the visit. But, a lose doesn’t usually affect a decision (to a large degree).