Film Room: UCLA's most common offensive sets in the NCAA Tournament


I swear “Campbell’s hair mesmerized opponent” would be on the list

Is the Spain Rip video just a repeat of the Ray video for anyone else? Looks like a mistake FYI.

Yes I am having a productive morning at work, why do you ask?

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Whoops, that should be fixed. Sorry about that.

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@umhoops , I love the film room. I’ll comment on every over of these just to make sure you know someone appreciated it!


Most of UCLA’s actions in these clips end up with someone throwing up a floater or shooting a dribble pull-up from the midrange. But they’re frustrating great at them obviously.

I’m most concerned with every iso-action with Jaquez. I think even if Johns is guarding him and picks up a quick foul, you stay with Johns and hope that you can use his ability to draw fouls on the other end on Orebs. You stand a better chance of guarding the 3 wings with Chaundee most of the game, but Johns has got to be aggressive on the Orebs and anytime he’s guarded by Riley during his minutes. Brandon’s ability to draw fouls is such a weapon to use against a short UCLA bench.