Film Room: Michigan's key defensive adjustments versus Florida



Excellent content, love the wedge example. I was upset with IGGY yesterday and the appearance that he was late getting to the wing. Now I see he was in the correct position but not recognizing his man was picking for the wing. This is really tough since you have to front your man, give space and be ready to slide with the wing, if you get caught flat footed your late. Really need your head on a swivel and watch the ball. IMO this is the toughest part of the game for freshman, help side defense and rotating off your man.

Great job UMHOOPS!!


This post is hoop-head gold. I absolutely love seeing the intricacies of great offense/defense live-diagrammed like this.

Most folks watch basketball on the surface and it’s a spectacular spectator sport at that level, but delving down another layer like this just exposes how much technical work is happening from play to play.

Props to Florida’s staff as well as Michigan’s. This really illustrates how conscious and aware our team has been playing especially on defense to be operating at such a high level.

Love the managers tape-room work and hats off to staff and players to be able to execute and perform at such a high-level.

Go Blue!


So, Mike White is an excellent coach.


Then that would make Beilein & Yaklich super excellent coaches, I guess.


Amazing content! Please provide more of this type of stuff.


Wow. Thank you taking the time to get this analysis up so quickly. Things like this make the price of admission a bargain.


35-40 yr fan of basketball with lots of hours/yrs on court in pickup and Men’s league games - but never played on a coached team or participated in coaching a hoops team. This stuff really changes the way I watch basketball, although I won’t pretend to keep up with it while watching. :slight_smile: Great stuff!