Film Room: Key coaching adjustments in Michigan's win over Michigan State


So good. Everyone should watch this.


I don’t care what the words actually mean here, I just think these plays should be renamed Weak Boston'' and Strong Detroit Hammer’’.

(Srsly, great stuff. Thanks!)

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Out-stand-ing. This not only illustrates some well executed actions, but it also really reinforces our coaching prowess. Thanks!

Wow, great stuff on these clips Mr. Pyper and the analysis was great. Interesting how sometimes just getting a hand up, taking a two step jab or just hustling can give you a positive return.

It’s great to be extremely athletic, but sometimes if every player is doing the little things and playing smart you can be a good team without having superior athleticism.

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Thanks much. I love watching this stuff too. Although I probably wouldn’t notice it watching in game speed lol :laughing:

Awesome post!

This is fantastic, thanks Gibson.

In the thread from the MSU game, I said afterwards that I thought Juwan did a great coaching job and showed real improvement, but I don’t have the Xs and Os knowledge to articulate why. This is super helpful, thanks again

Btw my favorite off-court moment from the game was after (I think) the 8 minute mark TV timeout in 2nd half when the camera caught Izzo visibly exhaling. He was clearly nervous at that time, another testament to how this Michigan team (and coach) has grown