Film Room: How Michigan will lose its first game

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Shhhhhhh, don’t help them!

This may be the best analysis I have read on any sports blog/website, ever! Really good!

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Charles Matthews is the master of bad possessions on this team, although he does so many things well off the ball. My fear is his bad possessions/decisions merged with early foul trouble when the team incurs a big deficit.

Teske has been stellar but I still worry about him against elite offensive front lines, like Tennessee - if they were to meet. Maryland’s front line worries me also.

Hopefully Eli Brooks’ shaky ball handling doesn’t create a situation leading to a loss.

I hope this article is behind the paywall, and that Dylan screens subscribers to eliminate opposing coaches and assistants!! Seriously good analysis here. Thanks.

Dylan brought up a good point on the podcast…get Teske in foul trouble should be a key strategy due to lack of depth. Wisconsin seems well equip to do that. If they do, I think Wisconsin wins. If Teske can play 30min+, then Michigan wins. @Indiana and @Maryland I will say are losses. MSU doesn’t scare me. Simpson will shut down Winston. We’ll stop their transition offense and Ward will probably stay home after last year. Two easy wins there.