Film Room: How Michigan beat Villanova


Thank you for your hard work, I enjoyed it!

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Looks like I just got beat out, haha! If you are interested in more X’s and O’s on the defense, I posted a series of clips in a twitter thread


This is also a great breakdown, as usual. Love this series.

I’m a big fan of the content that Gibson has been providing, but always want to hear feedback. If there are things you like/don’t like/like more than others please let us know. Also if there are certain things you’d like to see broken down.

These breakdowns make me realize how little I know about basketball XO’s. Any suggestion for a primer on terminology and tactics?

This is a great place to start:


This is my favorite thing on the site (no offense to the other awesome content)


I like this. Since I have trouble following or even understanding the x/os chart,the narrative videos are excellent.


I noticed a few times in game, and here again in some of these clips, Iggy travelling by switching his pivot foot. I wonder how long that goes on before he gets caught.

So far the thing that I’ve enjoyed the most about our defense is very timely help, particularly from Matthews. The primary defender staying with the ball is key, but having someone slide over and swat the layup has been just as important.

This was awesome. Super interesting. The video breakdowns were great.

Furman is leading Villanova 58-53…