Film Room: Breaking down the basics of Juwan Howard's offense


Awesome addition to the board. Excellent analysis.

This is exciting, insightful stuff. Any idea what percentage of high D1 coaches use this broad a base of NBA oriented actions?

Gibson was around doing this stuff last year too!

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Want to do a follow up with Gibson about how it compares to the college game. Should be coming at some point down the line.

Patreon subs from opposing coaches must be skyrocketing!


Ha! I forgot about some of these film room posts from last year. I guess this one was just more fascinating because we got to see the new concepts at work.

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Yep, definitely more pertinent at this point.

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Sweet. Will give this all another review before the Creighton match. Thank you.

What a nice piece of work, simply straight forward, informative stuff. Thanks and what ever thanks on a higher level is.

Good to have Gibson back even though a lot of this stuff is over my head it is still a good read.

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Outstanding stuff. We can’t find this anywhere else but here. Along with your timely and great articles, this separates you from all the others.

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Thanks for this. Lots of clips that didn’t end with a bucket, and lots of very casual, ineffective screens set. I know it’s a small sample size and all, but I wonder about setting better screens.

Good sh*t Gibson!

For comparisons sake, what other college teams overlap in running some of these sets?

If at this point very few are, then at least for this recruiting cycle Juwan can be telling Nimari and Christohper and Moody that they can start on NBA sets now at Michigan.