Fate of our assistant coaches

Phil appears to be on a retirement path no matter what happens to Juwan. I think he has plans to be a Philly Tour Host taking guests to his favorite cheesesteak places, Phillies and Eagle games as well as shedding tears when the tour concludes at run down Philly basketball gyms.

Howard Eisley? Hard to say. Likely will stay if Juwan stays. If Juwan is canned, I don’t think he is a hot item in the coaching pool. Maybe catch on somewhere or maybe just relax with his NBA money.

Saadi? Was a hot name for a few minutes. IIRC, was offered the WMU job but decided to stay at UM and wait for a better job. Seemed like the right choice then but in retrospect he should have taken it. His current gig might be the peak of his career.

Don’t know what happens to the lesser staff if Juwan goes. Jaaron Simmons seems to have a nice little job here after a less than stellar transfer year. Any place for a guy like that to land? Chris Hunter? Same, hopefully he has a little NBA money socked away. Jay Smith? All time leading State of Michigan high school scorer, probably could get a MIAA job or something like that if there was an opening.

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If Juwan were to stay, I think Eisley is the most likely candidate to stick around. I’m concerned with his recruiting ability, but I do think he can develop guards.

I have no idea how to judge most of these guys, but I think we really need a reset top to bottom so hard to justify keeping Saadi, Chris, or Jaaron around in either scenario. I suppose they could keep one of them around just to show the new coach where the coffee machine is, but seems better for them to go out and try to find a new gig too.


We need an Ace Recruiter (or 2) AND a Defense-mastermind


Eisley has to go tbh. The amount of recruiting he does is embarrassing.

He’s also the only one we for sure know is coaching. Tough situation.


I’m guessing Eisley can find a home in the NBA–which would appear to be a better, no-recruiting fit.

Michigan basketball’s Phil Martelli: Talk of playing hard is nonsense: ‘It’s a skill game’

More pickup games!

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and grainy 8mm films of the next opponent

Phil is right on this one


I think his comment of skill vs toughness is dead on yeah