EYBL Highlights: Dug McDaniel


Anyone else watch that dunk by #3 (Christian May?) at 1:55 about a dozen times? Guy barely has a profile on the recruiting sites.


Uh I was pleasantly enjoying Dug’s jump shot and pick and roll game until dude (I thought it was #5 but whatever) just absolutely posters a guy on a very unassuming fast break.

I had to rewatch it 3x before I could move on to the rest of the video…uh does dude want a preferred walk on :grin:

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If Dug keeps the stats rising he will be a triple double waiting to happen his soph year at Mich😉


This is a wonderful and heartwarming story, well written and touching. It begins with a young man’s and his dad’s humble, unassuming reaction to a dream come true, a DI scholarship offer. The story continues with a young man who has suffered setbacks in his life but, with a can do, never say die attitude, he has overcome those bumps in his life’s road as he plays the game he loves and continues to grow and improve. It even mentions the iconic high school basketball coach, Morgan Wooten. “Basketball mirrors life” says Joe Wooten the son of the great Morgan Wooten and Christian May’s coach, “and you’re gonna have to overcome obstacles along the way.” I’m rooting for Christian May.

I hope Christian May’s dream comes true, but maybe his dream just might also include playing his college ball at one of the finest educational institutions in DI, at Michigan and playing with Dug in college, and playing for an amazing coach who has done it all in basketball and may someday be iconic, himself. Maybe he’d accept that preferred walkon at Michigan you mentioned, but I think his ultimate dream is that DI scholarship. The offer rendered him speechless. It was what he had been waiting for and working for his entire life. In any case I’ll be rooting for Christian May wherever he goes from here! When does Team Takeover play again? :wink:

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Local basketball standout drawing Division I attention | Nvdaily | nvdaily.com

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