Expect any changes to the starting lineup on Friday?

The report is that Zak Irvin could play, but I’d suspect he’d be limited.

Do you guys expect any changes from Friday’s lineup of Walton | LeVert | Dawkins | Chatman | Donnal?

The lineup that worked the best against Le Moyne was Spike/Caris/Duncan/DJ/Ricky. If I was the coach, that’s who I would go with. (BTW it includes all my favorite players.) But a more likely lineup would be Derrick/Caris/Aubrey/DJ/Ricky. That would be good and would make perfect sense based on what happened in the exhibition game.

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It will be interesting to see if they continue to start Donnal and Chatman. I think the guys behind them are far more talented. I assume Chatman started only because Zak was hurt and DJ is so raw. With Donnal, I think it may have been a motivation tactic for Ricky, but who knows.

@MrLG: I don’t remember the team looking particularly different with Spike at the PG… Would have to go back and watch some because that’s definitely an interesting take. I thought Walton played pretty well overall.

The only change might be Duncan starting at 3, given that Dawkins still battles with the ankle injury. I wonder rather see Aubrey sit out the game to get recovered, and let MAAR play more minutes.

I think that Chatman showed promises in game one, and there is no reason to give up on him. He and DJ brings different skills to the table, but IMO, Kam is ahead in terms of fitting into the system. IF he manages to get his shoot falling, he will be a major contributor next years if not this year.

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Curious what people think… Did Doyle outplay Donnal? Did Donnal outplay Doyle? Or was it a wash?

  • Doyle outplayed Donnal
  • Donnal outplayed Doyle
  • It was a wash

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Not talking about how you feel about their ceiling or anything else, but how did they play in the exhibition?

IMO it was a wash and not in a good way. I’m hoping one of the 3 (including Wagner) can separate from the pack.

I absolutely agree. I’ve been saying (to friends) ever since the open practice that Wagner will be starting by the end of the season. I think the kid has serious talent, a great basketball IQ and will learn everything he needs to learn to become an important cog in the machine. I would love to see Mark Donnal have a break out year, but I’m a bit skeptical. He’s certainly had ample time to show what he can do. I was pretty disappointed in Ricky both at the open practice and the exhibition game but I do think he can become an effective player for us at the 5 spot. Wagner, however, just oozes talent. Of course the coaching staff must make decisions that they think are in the best interests of the program, but I say, let Wagner loose. Yes, he’ll make plenty of mistakes, but the potential is certainly worth the “gamble.”

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Max Bielfeldt had 11 pts & 8 rebounds off the bench for Indiana tonight. I didn’t watch Donnal/Doyle tonight but I’m curious: Anyone who watched our game tonight wish we kept Max around for one more year?

I don’t feel bad about letting him go just yet. His biggest problem is that he struggled to defend against legit post players on good teams. In our system, his offensive skillset requires that he play the 5 position, and it is unlikely that he can contribute to a B1G championship team because of the size mismatch on defense. I think Doyle/Donnal/Wilson all have the size and potential that will make Bielfeldt not needed during conference play this season.

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