Exhibition: Michigan vs. Saginaw Valley State Open Thread

Let’s go!!!

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Michigan starting Zavier Simpson, Eli Brooks, Adrien Nunez, Isaiah Livers and Jon Teske tonight in exhibition opener.

Has Johns been dealing with injury?

Yep. Johns is healthy enough to play but did miss some time.

No tie for Juwan Howard.


BJ must be still dealing with the ankle injury unless Nunez has made a leap in developement.

Love the announcer’s accent. Feels like we’re watching soccer

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So who’s sharing the BTN+ login?


Transition paying off

That was nice.

I know it’s Saginaw Valley State, but our transition looks so much more fluid.

Cole Bajema is the first sub off the bench for Michigan. He replaces Adrien Nunez.

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I don’t think I appreciated how much this style of play would help us against cupcakes


Love the transition.

I don’t like the look of the two 3 point lines. Just give me the official line and I’m good.

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If you are without BTN+, this is better than nothing: https://mgoblue.com/sidearmstats/mbball/summary


Seems like everyone has the green light from distance. LOTS of threes. Seems like that’s not gonna slow down.

Yeah, you can also listen to the radio broadcast on Mgoblue.com also.

Womens is the shorter line.

People that thought otherwise haven’t been watching the NBA