Exhibition: Michigan vs. Northwood Open Thread


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I have to miss the game tonight so guys bring home the w. Hope X/Z scores 15 pts with 10 assists. Yep my favorite player.


Michigan starting Zavier Simpson, Jordan Poole, Charles Matthews, Ignas Brazdeikis and Jon Teske.

X with left hand dunk to initiate warm ups.
Won’t believe DeJulius can dunk until I see it

“Who do you have tonight Peter?!” God I love student announcers.


I’ve seen DeJulius dunk during a high school game.

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Is it running time or are students running the clock too?

offense moving smooth. Just gotta make your threes

Does anyone have a link? Even just for audio?

“especially for Xavier last simpson”

Seriously what’s up with the clock running

It must just be the clock running on the TV stream?

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Just a TV thing. They’ve corrected it.

Like a few things that I’ve seen from Jordan (especially) and Iggy defensively. Seem to be fairly locked in for an early season exhibition.

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Isaiah Livers the first man off the bench. He replaces Charles Matthews and Jordan Poole slides to the three, Ignas Brazdeikis to the two.


Like this a lot

nice catch by davis

I really like how everyone is working hard on defense. A couple bad bounces led to some second chance points for them but it wasn’t anyone’s fault.