ESPN's College B-Ball Front Page Story Features the UM/MSU Rivalry

Actually a very good story. Talks about how big the of a turning point it was when we went up there in 2011 and won at the Breslin. Says that basically turned the tides in the rivalry. Definitely worth a look.

Here’s the link:

ESPN Insider also picks Michigan to win the Big Ten (these are the Prospectus previews)

Read the article. As many MSU fans will be quick to point out, “turned the tides” may be a bit strong. Sweeping MSU this season may be a more compelling argument. Tall order though.

Both the article and the insider preview are both decent. Although the insider preview lists McGary as a “Sr.” in class standing.

Glad to see rivalry evening out. But I’m still bitter over the game izzo left Mateen and the crew in to the very end of a 50 pt. blowout. Plus he never misses a chance to “preach” to the choir when it comes to beating UM. JB is just classier in my opinion.

if izzo doesn’t start landing some solid recruits it is not going to be much of anything in a few years. If this class is anything like last yrs they could struggle for the next few yrs. last yrs class was horrible and with everyone of any value leaving after this year they will be mediocre at best…valentine and costello need to become very very good players overnight if they want to have a realistic shot of being a decent team

The programs are even…

We have a great coach
Head coach quality asst coaches
Elite talent at most positions
A B1G chip
A final four run
Great facilities

They have close to the same…

They just wNt to point out the past decade, but will go no further then that because it Dosen’t support their argument.

Not to mention our recruiting base is much larger then MSU’s …