ESPN 2014 Updated Player Rankings

So it seems when ESPN last updated the top 100, that update was restricted to only the top 100. ESPN has now updated rankings from prospects outside the top 100. Of our concern:

Ricky Doyle - now 3*/#146 Overall/#21 C/78 Grade (down from 4*/Grade 80) - Appropriate ranking in my view, was slightly overrated as a 4 star top 15 C in my opinion

DJ Wilson - 3*/#173 Overall/#40 PF/76 Grade (up from #54 PF/Grade 73) - Again, I think ESPN got it right, I said last time he was slightly underrated as a low 3 star, the bump was warranted


Did Doyle have offers from Miami, Purdue, Ohio St and Notre Dame?
I must have missed that. I was thinking we were the only major to offer.

He reported official offers from Boston College, Stanford, Virginia, Purdue, Penn State and Miami, I believe.