Esa Ahmad

Esa Ahmad 2015 PF
Understand he will visit West Virginia, Cincinnati, Michigan St, and Michigan.
6’7-6’8 , 210-220lb. PF Averaged 26.5 points/ 11.5 rebounds/ 3.5 blocks/ 2 steals game
Esa Voted Cleveland Ohio player of year ahead of Rivals# 10 2015 Carlton Bragg.
Love his tape:
Strong around the bucket yet versatile to play bit outside.
Reminds a bit of Brandon Dawson.
A good one on radar for possible offer…

Looks perfect as a big wing/ comboforward

We need:

A comboguard
A big wing/combo forward
A bigman

We will probably have an extra scholarship but should probably bank it.

Watched some video and I really like him. I think he’s got some great potential in there too, as in some clips he had some explosion, but others he didn’t. Probably just a matter of transforming that body with some college level S&C. Had a solid face up game, decent looking jumper and wasn’t afraid to mix it up on defense. Hope he’s one of the next offers.