Eron Harris transferring out of West Virginia

Eron Harris (17.2ppg, 42% 3pt FGs) is transferring out of West Virginia. He is originally from Indianapolis and apparently wants to move closer to home. Apparently Purdue is the front-runner right now, but I could see him landing at a number of Big Ten schools. I know Ann Arbor isn’t much closer than where Harris currently goes to school, but it is still closer. Harris is an elite shooter that could fit nicely in Beilein’s system.

Any chance we pursue?

If anything, our SCHEDULE would be closer to home for him.
That would be a big change.

I think Purdue would LOVE to have him.

He has a DRTG of 110. Let that sink in.

I’m fine with that as a 6th man. Someone to come in and light a fire.

We need wings bad in '15

He isn’t getting released until the end of the semester.