Eli Brooks / Jordan Poole

2018 Jordan Poole:
12.8 PPG
2.2 APG
43% FG
37% from 3

2019 Eli Brooks
11.7 PPG
2.7 APG
3.3 RPG
43% FG
49% from 3

Eli is a better defender & a better passer. Biggest question mark for Michigan coming into this season was whos gonna play the 2. Eli Brooks has been fantastic.


Eli has definitely been a huge surprise for me this year. Expected Simpson/Teske to lead the way and Livers to step up but I had my concerns about Eli. Reading the off-season articles from Juwan and staff in regards to how Brooks has looked great still had me suspicious. He’s definitely surpassed my expectations and I’m looking forward to his continued growth (both this year & next).

One thing I will point out is that I feel more comfortable with Eli playing the 2 guard spot right now (with Z or DDJ at the point). There was a point in last night’s game where I think the lineup was Eli & Nunez in the backcourt and maybe Wagner, Johns & Castelton rounding out the lineup. I had some concerns about how this lineup would be able to put up some points in extended period of time.


I wonder if casting him as a 2 has helped simplify things. He sure was great last night in the MAAR role.


For sure. Worlds different than prior years. Which makes it fun to say - I wish he would take charge on the offense end more. He might be our best bucket getter at this point. A little irrational JP confidence would do wonders for his game and would be welcome on this team.


Knowing him as long as I have, Eli being aggressive about getting his own buckets will never happen. Juwan would literally have to force him tp have JP type aggressiveness


Use that pipeline to give him some advice Coachhay. He was a scorer in high school. It’s got to be in there somewhere.

That’s what I was going to say: wasn’t he a bucket-getter in high school, buckets in profusion?

P.S. Did anyone else have the reaction I did to this–damn, Jordan wasn’t really doing all that poorly!

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Eli got buckets but within the team structure believe it or not. most games you watched, you had no idea that he scored as many points as he did. He was super efficient. He didn’t have to launch 40 shots to get 40 points. so you can watch a game where you swear he scored maybe 18 to 20 points and you look at the book and he’d have 38. But rarely did you have any idea he was forcing a single shot. If you want to see some cool highlight videos, look up big star videos on YouTube. There’s a couple of really good ones of Eli against the best player on some other teams.


I think most people would be really surprised if you put together a highlight clip of all of Eli’s buckets/assists/steals in his first two years. For example, he tallied 71 assists in fairly limited playing time.


Smooth, efficient, and in control. I try not to watch too much film of prospects, cause I hate having my heart broken if they commit elsewhere, but it seems clear that it took some time, and maybe changing circumstances, for Eli to get up to speed against college athletes, but he’s there now. Love seeing him come into his own, and be a difference maker.

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Eli’s just a ball player. Turn the lights on and he competes. IMO, a really good complementary player for a college program — much like MAAR was was really good complementary player.

Give me a couple of those along with one or two “alpha” players and I’ll string together a really tough team to play against. For Michigan, Livers is developing into one of those “alpha” players (he just might not realize it yet) and we’ll see if Teske or Simpson or Wagner develop over the course of the season into a second alpha.

But Eli’s just a really good program player…he will help us to a lot of win, IMO.


I think they both have qualities that the other doesn’t. I wish Eli could finish at the rim and create shots like Poole. I also wish Poole played as smart and as good defense as Eli.

Now that I think about it, Jordan/Iggy vs Eli/Isaiah is in interesting comparison to make at the 2/4 spots. The former is a ball-dominant duo with swag and personality. The latter is an off-ball, efficiently shooting, defensively capable duo that’s more reserved both in their personality and play. I think I’d rather mix them up and have Jordan/Isaiah or Eli/Iggy since they’d complement each other a bit more.

I guess everyone’s definition of alpha can differ. To me, X is the definition of an alpha.


If Zavier Simpson is not an alpha then I have no idea what the word means.


Apparently alpha means highly efficient spot up perimeter shooting


Livers is developing into an Alpha but X isn’t even there yet :thinking:


CJ Baird’s alpha af with those 30 foot pull ups


Nope. Not going to read this thread.

2019 Eli Brooks against high major competition:
35/91 (38% FG)
12/39 (31% 3FG)
8.2 PPG
1.9 APG
3.6 RPG

2018 Jordan Poole against high major competition:
119/277 (43% FG)
51/147 (35% 3FG)
13 PPG
2.6 RPG

I miss Poole