Eli Brooks is pretty athletic



Impressive. That drill always looked dangerous to me. Surprised that they don’t have a spotter to prevent a backward fall.
Also, I hear he can really shoot it.


Yeah, not quite sure where he fits into this year’s rotation but an athletic combo guard with a pull-up jumper is a nice piece at some point.


I quietly have high hopes for Brooks. I like how his games seems effortless. Hope it translates to College. He just looks like he knows how to play and has underestimated athletic ability.


Eli is a basketball player. He’s going to be good, very good


Agree. He looks like a player that really understands the game and knows how to play. I think it will be hard to keep him off the floor.


Those plyo boxes are extremely padded. Much better than the wooden boxes I use to try to jump on.


Box jumps have a lot to do with practice and technique. While I believe that Eli is very athletic, he’s obviously been working on the box jump for a while.


I very loudly have high hopes for Eli


Glad to see that some of you are seeing what I got to see as one of the coaches at Spring Grove.