Eli Brooks finds himself while being someone else on the scout team


Brilliant work!


Eventually we’ll stop questioning the greatest coach in the history of Michigan basketball. I’m guilty myself…


Great piece, Bailey!

This article has Brendan Quinn vibes, which is an enormous compliment!


Eli playing well has always been key for this years team success. He brings alot of MAAR qualities to the court. Giving Coach B the solid 7-man rotation is key.

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I always love it when a Wolverine, who has been struggling, breaks through with a big shot or big game. Eli has been one of my favorites since day one. He is an outstanding individual. When he hit that second 3, I came up out of my chair with fist pumping. Yeah!


Perfect timing with this article and great coverage Bailey!

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I echo the quality of work you do for DB on this site. As for Eli it’s not a coincidence he’s come back around. He’ll be a big contributor in the big dance.

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Eli only has two issues, one mental, and one skill. He needs to somehow believe in his shot in game. Beautiful stroke, just doesn’t always shoot with no fear. Ball handling is not good; not good enough to be a pg at this point off his development in thee BIG. Hope he sticks around for 2 more years and has his Goins/McQuaid upperclassmen confidence boost.

I think Eli should learn to carry the ball like every other good ball handler. He dribbles like he is playing by 1950’s rules.

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He does. He does. Biggest issue imo is he dribbles to high and too far away from his body.

I agree with your second sentence, your third sentence, and your last sentence. Not looking for an argument, and won’t engage if you want to debate it, I just don’t agree with the rest of what you’re saying here. Again, respectfully, just a difference of opinion.

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Yes, this. I noticed Loyer today palming it like crazy. They seldom call that these days.