Eddie Hightower is retiring

Sounds like Hightower will retire during this upcoming season.

I've been around a long time. So I realize I don't run as fast as I used to, I realize that my time is getting near, I'm gonna fade away. But the moment that I stop being able to enjoy the game and make a contribution toward the betterment of the game, then I wanna walk away.

In honor of Ed, here’s a classic moment:

Wonder if he’ll retire the hair piece too!

Based on his statement, he really should have retired after the first game he ever officiated. I am not sad to see him retire.

It’s Ed Hightowers all the way down.

Another one bites the dust… Mike Kitts https://twitter.com/ESPNAndyKatz/status/342374717719707648

lol the video gets me every time… and i’ve seen it a lot. I understand he’s not in control of what is playing on the video but haha he admires himself for quite a while before making a motion to get the play.