Eating Crow

This was quite simply JBs biggest win in the recruiting trail at Michigan. Battle may not end up the highest rated or the best player, but he is the biggest win.

He had no obvious ties to the program; he came here because of all the things we have talked about since 2012. Development, facilities, on court success etc. Great to see those things all finally pay off.

This is the reason I was so willing to ‘eat crow’…huge props to JB/staff for landing an upper tier kid based on his recruiting sales pitch of development.

This is a recruitment where no luck was involved, in other words Battle has no family, friends, ties to UM or Michigan in general, none of his AAU teammates/former teammates played for, or committed to UM…JB just flat out got it done against the big boys.

What else can you say, JB simply got it done, and for that I’m loving the way the crow tastes!