East Coast Kids!

It’s good to see a recruit like Battle coming in from the East coast. Perhaps the expansion of the B1G into NJ and MD is having an impact on recruiting. I like the fact that Michigan and JB have broke through in this market, this could pay big dividends in the future. I don’t recall many kids from the North East other than RAAK in the past few years. Lets hope it’s another geography we can tap into!

Go Blue!

Well, I thought JB was pretty big on recruiting New England prep schools (though not sure if they count). I do like the national recruiting reach, especially the recent west coast pickups. Not just Indiana kids anymore.

I don’t care about any sort of geographical approach…talent is locality blind. That being said, some regions produce more talent than others, but if a kid can play I have no preference in terms of where he resides.

Agree with Matt. I don’t think geography plays as big a role in basketball. You typically sign 2-3 guys a class, you’re gonna take them no matter where they’re from. Obviously it helps if you’re near a hotbed. It’s a bigger deal in football where you’re taking 20-25 kids a class.