Early final 4 guesses

That you like to go final four?

This is going to be a very competitive season. I could see ten teans winning it all, maybe more. My early favorite and I said it before. Gonzaga. I can’t believe I’m taking them. So many years few let me down, he’s a horrible in game coach. This is the year though. They’re so impressive I can’t believe how good they are. I gotta go zags, Kansas, duke, Kentucky.

Then you add in nova, unc, ucla and a bunch of others. Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, Xavier.

I’m 100 convinced this is the zags season. Please tell me others have seen this.

UCLA, Duke, Nova and Zaga have stood out the most to me. I’d wager quite a bit on UCLA to win it all that offense is just a thing of beauty. Duke full force with Giles and Tatum are the only offense I think can keep up.

Not as high on Kansas as everyone else. Think their frontcourt will be their downfall. Don’t see any big ten teams getting there barring a crazy run. Wouldn’t say any big ten team is top 10 worthy this year though

How impressive are the zags. Few always messes it up, but the team might be few proof. So do talented. Really well rounded. So many guys can hurt you. This is how I see us when playing at our best. Feed moe like they do karnowski. Let moe work.

Also I’m banking on Jackson becoming an all American still. Combine that with the backcourt and a solid front court. Let’s see if he takes over.

If I’m betting, it’s a blue blood final 4.

North Carolina

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Like UCLA, Kansas, UNC and Nova of the teams I’ve seen play so far. Sadly, I haven’t seen any Big10 team impress to this point.

Anybody who has seen the zags but don’t think their final four bound, what are your reasons? They look like the overall top team to me so far

They can kill you in so many ways. They pounded kranowski yesterday because they saw ristic was overmatched.

Mathews can score, Perkins is very polished all around, goss is dynamic and all around too, Williams is s big athletic physical forward who attacks and plays tough. Nelson is basically a slightly worse version of Perkins. Then add in Collins and the French Frosh who both are big athletic and physical and it’s just s big athletic skilled team. They were just so well rounded. If Few fumbles this one he will officially be the most overrated coach ever.

I know that sounds ridiculous because he turned that program into a power house but if you followed them like I did over the years it would make sense. He’s horrible at making adjustments and in game coaching. He’s had so many teams and players not reach their potential.

Villanova, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas

Maybe you ended up answering your own question.

Yea. I’m thinking of placing a bet on them. I’m scared of few though. But that team has been so impressive every time.

What’s odd is even when I saw nova win it, I still can’t get into them. Their on A roll again but I just don’t like their roster.

What about unc? Virginia would have been intriguing with Nichols,

I’m a Suns fan. I’m starting to really hope they land ball. I think he’s the perfect partner for Booker. Trade Bledsoe and knight,

The last two times UNC won the Maui Invitational they also won the National Championship so I’d put all your money right there since they won it again this year.

I like the roster. I can’t believe hicks is a senior. I thought for sure he was a junior. I really like Jackson and Meeks. Always have. Betty, pinson. Are any of their frosh any good?

Tony Bradley is quite good, averaging 10 points and 6 rebounds per game, and actually has the #1 offensive rebound rate in the country. Seventh Woods has been quite disappointing so far in pretty much the exact same role as Simpson for Michigan, and they’ve struggled in pretty much the exact same areas. This is another reason why it’s WAY too early to make conclusions about his career, as freshmen point guards almost always struggle at first. They’ve also raised their 3pt% from 32% last year to 39% this year. I would wait to see how they look against Kentucky though, as the Indiana game gave me little hope of a return to the final four.

Early observations have me guessing

North Carolina

Indiana can be very good at times. I wouldn’t let that loss destroy your confidence. I didn’t see it but Bryant is a handful for college bugs to guard.

I wonder what his pro career will look like as he’s not super bouncy and he runs odd, has a high motor though which really helps