Duncan Robinson was not a waste of a scholarship



I don’t know this for sure because we probably only have Duncan’s word for evidence, but I’m fairly certain he had D-II offers but chose Williams over them


I agree, kturnup. Back to my post, I was kind of trying to get across the notion that there were probably DII schools interested in Duncan but he was not interested in them. There IS a difference between Williams College and probably, well, just about any DII school in the country in terms of academics.

The fact that Duncan played in the DIII Final Four and now will play, as an integral part of the team, a leader among the best, in the DI Final Four with an opportunity to play for THE National Championship is just an OUTSTANDING story. It HAS to be a dream come true, a GREAT education, a MICHIGAN degree, AND an opportunity to play in the national championship of college basketball. Now THAT is a Cinderella story!