Duncan Robinson was not a waste of a scholarship

There are posters here who said that Beilein wasted a scholarship on the guy. That there was no way a guy could jump from D3 and be a frontline player for Michigan.

Time to eat some crow, no??


From what we’ve seen so far… I think his shooting is probably as advertised, but so is his defense. Figuring out a way to fit in on the defensive end will really be the key for him, but it’s a pretty safe bet that he’ll have some games where he just explodes with his three-point shooting. Love what that does for offensive spacing if he’s on the floor.

Didn’t say he was perfect… But certainly a great addition to the team and not a waste of scholarship.

Crow doesn’t taste good when it’s force fed. It also takes a long time to prepare. Two games is not long enough; best to check back in a couple seasons.

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But he’s not a D1 player.

I think than Duncan most certainly has a roll on this team because of how he can ignite a run with those a couple quick 3s. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that his biggest concern is being able to defend the wing at the high D-1 level. Facing Northern Michigan Le Moyne and Northern Michigan didn’t put that concern to the test at all. Facing Elon did and it was exposed. There is no question that his shot translates and is every bit as good as advertised, but the worry is still there about how he will defend high DI wings.

It would be great to be able to leave Duncan on the court, because that shot is special. What is the best way to disguise a defensive liability? Maybe a zone? Maybe more switches? Idk.

Weird comment. Still haven’t played against a Division 1 team. Still haven’t made a shot, in a game, against a defender who was guarding him closely at all. His makes were wide open looks that will almost never happen against mid- level and better competition. And, his defense was an issue against Lemoyne and Elon. Is his scholarship a waste? No. Is he going to take the basketball world by storm? No. Can he play a role on this team? yes. There are still legitimate concerns , however, so I think you are guilty of jumping the gun a bit. He had a great game offensively against a team that barely guarded him. Zero points the previous game.

OK, well sounds like you guys want the crow to roast for a bit before you chow down. I am happy to revisit the issue in a few weeks.

FWIW- Elon is a division 1 school. I never said that DR’s game was perfect, just that he’s worthy of a scholarship at an upper tier Big 10 school like Michigan.

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Oops. My mistake. I thought they were Division 2…

I read through an old Duncan Robinson thread and I now see where you are coming from, MrLG. There were a couple of people who thought it was crazy to give Robinson a scholarship and they also thought there was a reason he was division 3. I am still in the wait and see camp. I still have concerns, which I think are very valid, after watching him in 3 games and in 2 open practices. Regardless of concerns, i wouldn’t second guess the coaching staff for taking a chance on a 6’8" kid, who, by all accounts is an elite shooter…

I am worried Xavier will eat Duncan up Friday. He holds his own vs that “free for all” and it will bold well for the rest of the season.

Dawkins is criticized for his defense, as well. The play that stood out to me as much as the shooting was Duncan getting out on the break and dunking it.

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I think that Duncan’s size will really be a huge benefit. It’s a lot easier to get a shot off at 6-8 and probably to fit in defensively at that size. Just adds a different dynamic and you can bet that he’ll continue to add strength over the next two years.

As @sane1 said though… Michigan’s defensive concerns on the wing aren’t just Duncan. Aubrey has struggled a bit there as well.

I think he’ll be ok. Obviously he’s not going to be good. I think every defensive shortcoming is going to be magnified by some because he played DIII.
He’s not going to be any worse than Stauskas. I think Stauskas moved a little better but his instincts were turrible.
Hopefully the length of Wagner and Wilson this year and adding Teske next year to protect the rim, will
add a little more margin for error

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Some other UM players are not very good at defense either and no where near as good as shooters as Robinson.


Since when were we concerned with defensive issues? Just shoot the 3 baby!


Who the hell said that? Certainly not me. Donnal on the other hand…oof. He is basically useless so I am hoping his minutes start going to Mo and DJ.

At least 2 posters said it. Check a thread named “Duncan Robinson”, if you want to read for yourself.

Actually, I just scanned the old thread. I could only find one person saying that the Robinson scholarship was a waste. I might have missed others. I don’t know.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound as if I doubted that some one said that. My point was more that it was ridiculous for them to say it given his absolute fit for this offense.

So far in 7 games (still a half left in NC State) he’s 19-32 (59%) from downtown. Incredible.