Duncan Robinson - this year and beyond

I started thinking this fairly recently, but is it even a guarantee that Duncan gets a 5th year?

He is a guy that has to be on his shot the most and off the least on this roster. I think that is a statement that everyone can 100% agree on.

I think its pretty clear that he can be a extremely good shooter (at times), but will continue to struggle on the defensive end. I am sure small improvements in certain area can be made on that side of the ball, but he will likely always be a guy that will have many more misses than hits on defense.

But if he is not able to consistently hit shots, there is no way else to describe him other than a liability on the floor.

His role now is probably what he is more suited for - a guy off the bench that comes in to make shots, but he actually has to make them. Also, when he becomes hesitant to shoot and starts to pass up shots, then his value on the court and to the team becomes less and less.

Maybe others feel the same way or different on this. Feel free to discuss But unless some consistency starts to form, I think there needs to be a lot more production from a guy with his role going forward.

I really hate when good shooters pass up good looks because they missed a couple.

If I had to choose between keeping Donnal or keeping Robinson, I’d take Donnal. Donnal seems to be getting better every year. Robinson has some natural limitations that will limit his effectiveness.

Through five games Robinson looks like our tenth or eleventh man. So no, he should not be offered beyond this year if he continues to play like he is playing. He takes so few shots, even if he is hitting 3’s at 50 percent, it does not offset his poor ball handling and defense.

Always room for a great shooter.

Who are we getting instead? Yyyyeah probably not someone better than a 5th year Duncan.

I’d rather give his minutes or at least some to Ibi. I think if we got Ibi a lot of work now particularly against weaker opponents that he will adjust just fine and get in the flow of d one ball quickly. I think Ibi is talented enough to adjust quickly. I really think this would be better for the team in the short and long run. Ibi is much more talenteted than Duncan imo. We could use his athleticism and versatility more. Duncan’s pretty much one dimensional and even then he’s not the lights out shooter we saw last year, particularly if his confidence isn’t there. I really think if we got Ibi the work 10-20 minutes a game now that he’d develop into a nice frosh of the bench and contribute more to the team them Duncan could.

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These are the kind of threes that Duncan just has to hit:

Open threes that could change the whole game really. He hit them against Marquette in the first half, missed them against SMU and USC.

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What we saw with Aubrey last year is back in full swing but with Duncan.

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Except Aubrey never went ice cold. If he shot three or four shots he always started to hit. Either way don’t get me started on another aubrey rant. I think I’m the only one on here who thinks he would have developed into a key player. i can’t wait to watch him s. Fla. I’m predicting he becomes an offensive beast. Last year was a fluke, oh well

Is that with Irvin sliding over to the 4? You’re not suggesting that Ibi defend the 4 spot, right?

Notice no one has mentioned Duncan had a really solid game last night. Drawing 4 offensive fouls and shooting good but not great from deep. Had a couple nice buckets from inside the arc as well.

Lots of overreactions early. Wilson was an NBA talent after 2 weeks, Duncan should lose his scholarship next year cuz of 2 bad exhibition games. We need both to play big roles for this team to make a jump.


Good point. Wilson playing center on the last possession was awesome to see as well.

It’s nice to have the option of playing DJ at the 5 against teams that try to go small and athletic against Michigan. Lineup flexibility should be a positive for this team. I hope playing DJ at the 5 doesn’t happen too often, though, as I think it would be nice to exploit mismatches in Michigan’s favor for a change instead of having to react to what the other teams put out on the floor.

I prefer DJ at the 4 where he can guard the bigger 4’s in the league. Also, I think DJ has an under rated handle. Coach should experiment more with him either posting, facing up and going to the basket and pick and role. The team needs to develop more weapons other than the guards/wings.

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DJ developing a baby hook would be so great. It’s pretty clear that, right now, he doesnt have much back-to-the-basket game.

A better game for Duncan. He was able to take some charges and move better without the ball. He hit some shots, and just needs to keep at it. A lot more positives. He is starting to get some better looks as well. They are going to go in, its gonna happen. I think once things start clicking there, the whole team will flow better.

I definitely overreacted because I almost expect him to make every shot he takes. I want to see him continue to be aggressive and always take the shot if he is open.

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Robinson has really improved his 1 dribble shooting imo.

Agreed - I’d love to see him with some more pull-up midrange jumpers.

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This is an old post but yes Irvin guards the four. Duncan had a very good game

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