Duncan Robinson signs two-way contract with Miami Heat



High Five Duncan!


Wow. Good job!


And mattd said that JB was foolish to waste a scholarship on the guy…


Little off topic but with this news made me wonder…what’s up with Rahk? Did he not get any summer league invites?


Foot injury.


Thanks. Must have missed that along the way. Shame, thought if he found the right situation in the summer league he might have a shot.


Looks like Duncan changed his mechanics a little bit since the end of the NCAA season. I can’t explain it, but it looks like he’s leaning forward a bit compared to before.


Duncan with three first half triples today, even got tech’d up for good measure.


From DIII to NBA bad boy. Didn’t see that one coming.


Well done!


I’m just amazed that he’s getting off 7 threes a game in less minutes Han he got with us.


Much different spacing in the NBA and offensive mentality–and I assume some of it is him knowing that knocking em down is his only path to a contract. Taken together–he’s gunning it. Particularly with conference play, most opposing teams just would never leave him…except that one notable time against TAMU and you could see their Asst. coach get pissed in the background, lol.


Nice recap on DR…


DR…the HEAT is on!