Duncan Robinson in B1G play

Looks every bit of a D3 player!


Horrible pathetic deserves to be in a mid major doesn’t belong…I’m so fed up right now with the whole Iowa game to this point

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Hate to say I told you so but…

We are going to the NIT.

That’s what this team deserves. All of these people are saying and it is true, without Caris LeVert or Spike Albrecht this years team is a NIT team. It may be better because at least we can make a run in the NIT. If we get whooped by a team like Ohio St no shot we win a game in the NCAA tourney.

He is a D-1 backup who is playing 30 minutes a game.

Yet he’s better than half our team soo…

That is the problem

The thing that baffles me is that he started hustling and player harder more only when it started to become crunch time.

He has to play harder throughout the game.

The one dribble and pass back to the point guard thing - not very productive as well as him standing around quite often.

If your coach doesn’t demand that kind of effort every minute you’re on the floor and there’s no accountability when you play lazy, last night is what you get.

We don’t have any self motivated players on the roster. Burke, Nik, THJ, Morgan, McGary etc, they only had one speed. One mindset. Give 100. Hate to lose.

Like football under Brady Hoke, losing has became acceptable. Minimal effort has become acceptable. Excuse making by the head coach has become acceptable. This is dangerous for a program.


I can’t even get mad at it anymore. Some of us have seen this coming with the recruiting. Then add into this beauty of a stat that in 34 years(some at Leymone) he has made the tourney just 10x. Michigan is exactly where JB has had most of his team’s.

He constantly talks about lack of upperclassmen players like that’s the only way to win except his best teams he has ever had were young.

And as said above Duncan is a bench player having to play 30 min because he is one of the better players. That’s scary to think

Like football the only way out is recruiting recruiting recruiting