Duke Takeaways

what is etiquette on posting new thread on what will obviously be a well-discussed topic? anway:

michigan’s gonna be good. levert was highly impressive, at times best player on the court. as health/chemistry/mcgary improves, M going to be one of the most improved teams in about 2-3 months. caris/nik can create, mcgary will become mcgary again (although debatable whether he’ll be any better than he was in tournament). irvin and walton will improve… x-factor is gr3. can he take over a game? caris/stauskas can handle offensive responsibility most of the time, but if gr3 can elevate his game to “mid-first round consideration” michigan can be considered a fringe national contender. otherwise michigan probably just in the pack fighting for 2nd place in big ten and a sweet16 appearance will be a good season.

cameron the biggest homecourt/homefield advantage in sports. stauskas, gr3, mcgary battling health issues and probably limited practice time, this michigan team was going to take a few lumps during its “recalibration” season. hoped that iowa state game would’ve prepared M for cameron, but team was clearly affected by crowd. will be good experience for breslin, assembly, valuecity(?!), etc in the big10 season. I don’t think the ceiling on this team has moved, we’ve just seen how low the floor really is when replacing NPOY and another nba first-rounder while simultaneously battling ongoing health issues.