Duke and kentucky's


Recruiting classes are just stupid again this year. I mean they are every year, but wow. I can see why Charles wanted out. I can’t decide who’s class I’d rather have. This is one of those times when you realize these kids are playing a different game. I was getting hyped about our 17 haul and then you look at a class of bam, monk, fox, Gabriel and jones.

I like our 16 class more than most on here. I think I see coaches vision on these two classes combined, and I like the mix of kids but one thing that was discouraging, is the 16 class could be legendary good and we largely missed out on those stars. Such a deep class full of stars. Damn you tyus! Oh well, knowing how belein develops versus boheim, Ibi will end up better anyways. Also x was a clutch get, and I am praying teske becomes a defensive menace. Could be the first real rim protector we’ve had in coach b’s tenure.


Looks nice, but in this day and age of college bball recruitng, you don’t get classes like that, year-in, year-out, unless you’re dirty. I’ll pass for the program I want to root for. If that means never quite being among the elite, so be it.