Do I need Peacock?

Continue to be a Comcast/Xfinity customer. Love the product. Hate the price and company. Peacock was an included channel until this month. I think it is going cost $6/mo going forward. (It isn’t the money as much as it is the nickel and diming) I know the ECU v M football game is on it (but will be attending) and also I would enjoy watching Washington beat MSU (also only on Peacock).

Anybody know how this is going to affect Michigan basketball? I also understand that you cannot DVR Peacock. Does anybody know if the games are available to rewatch on Peacock?


You will need Peacock to be able to watch every game

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Everything live on Peacock seemingly becomes available as a replay.

I can’t see a scenario where there aren’t a handful of bball games on Peacock.

Big Ten basketball and football games will be on Peacock, yes.

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Also one of my former students has a new show called Hysteria which will be very good!


I just read the Michigan basketball roster threads on umhoops for my hysteria. :joy:

But will check the show out too!


I took the deal when it offers $29 for 12 month. maybe you can wait for similar promotion

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Also an Xfinity person but I believe I was able to continue Peacock for free thru the Xfinity rewards program.

Haven’t seen a bill since and didn’t go thru the fine print but pretty sure it was free outside a few clicks I needed to do.

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If you know how to navigate the choppy waters of the internet, you don’t NEED peacock