DJ Wilson summer workouts

DJ is long and has improved his vertical. No doubt he CAN get up.
But he lacks explosiveness, aggressiveness, motor, etc.

I’d like to see him take more minutes this year and insert himself into a role a little bit more.
Last year, with is 150 minutes, he just seemed to float around. Hopefully he gets more comfortable with the pace and flow so he can assert himself.
Don’t just be there. Be something.

Maybe a new coach (not sure who will work with him now) could help as well.

The one big change for DJ this year is that he’s expected to spend all of his time with the wings rather than split between wing and five.


Someone with GRIII’s size, athleticism, and defending the 4 should certainly have had more blocked shots than GRIII did. GRIII was a serviceable-but-not-great defender. His leaping ability was insane, yet he had the same amount of blocks in 2014 as Nik Stauskas did (11). In 2013, he finished well behind Burke and Hardaway (20-17-10). I’d say his average defending and inability to use his ridiculous leaping ability to block more shots is an aspect of him not utilizing his athleticism.

The scouting report also looked at his lack of rebounding as an example. “This is perhaps most apparent on the glass where, despite his outstanding leaping ability, he ranks among the worst rebounding small forwards in our top-100.” Moving off topic to Matthews (I know this is a Wilson thread, but…) from that scouting video it’s clear what Robinson could have been on the glass. It’ll be interesting to see if Wilson can make an impact on the glass as a 4. He sure didn’t as a 5.

I’m really hoping that certainty helps his confidence and assertiveness. I think there is upside there if he can finally tap into the potential.

Something to be said for some players when it comes to how comfortable they perform when they’re looking over their shoulder… and they know 1 mistake gets them the hook and on the bench. Also agree that splitting his time on the wing and in the middle last year probably stunted any chance for tangible real-time success.

Will be interesting to see now that DJ’s role is going to be much more defined…I’d hope that would allow him to flourish. In order to win this year, we’re going to need contributions from the wing off the bench. And at this point its pretty much him and Ibi, so we need this one to pan out BIG TIME.

DJ’s first two years are history. First he was injured and then he was playing two positions. Now, he has been told that he is a four (which I think is where he sees himself), now go do it. I am going to forget what he has done or hasn’t done up to this point and wait and see what he can do this year.
I am hoping for the best.

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Here’s DJ dunking in a pickup game. :slight_smile: Only DJ highlight in the video, but he’s in the background a lot.

I’m glad to see he’s playing with some talented Guys. Although, the highlights seem to display the nba guys are out there for exercise and to show off their skills. Hopefully he has a pretty nice year this year, I think he has it in him.

That video reminded me of just what an absolute beast Stanley Johnson is physically. 6’7" 245 with that mobility is video game level stuff.

Having decided to stick with Michigan, D.J. Wilson now hopes to reset his college career

He is saying all the right things. Let’s hope he can make it happen. He could give the team such a big lift.

Agreed. DJ is their X Factor for this up coming season for multiple reasons. First we really are lacking in wing depth so he needs to be someone we can count on for quality minutes. Second, his length is something we have not had at the 4 spot in a long time. If he can crash the boards and block some shots it would be a huge boost. Third, I’d like Zach and Robinson to not have to guard 4’s all game.

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He’s still jumping off two legs to dunk?

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12’3" is as high as it goes.

Raise the bar. These boys are jumping out of the gym.

wow that’s impressive.

It’s actually harder to dunk off two legs (two-hands on the ball) than one leg (one hand on the ball). Off one leg, you can swing the non-jumping leg up to create momentum and you get more extension. Plus you can swing the off arm down once in the air, which shifts the rest of you up. Physics, my man!

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