DJ Wilson summer workouts

Didn’t know exactly where to put this so feel free to move Dylan, but DJ Wilson has been working out in LA this summer with some good talent including NBA players Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, and Frank Kaminsky, among others.

Would be awesome if he absorbed Stanimal’s energy and attitude while he’s there lol

With his athleticism and length alone it’s easy to see that there is some potential there, but he just looks so awkward out there on the court. I’m excited to see if he can have a breakout year.

Not trying to be funny, but I seriously don’t understand how some of you guys view DJ as athletic? He sorely lacks quick twitch explosion. Length, he very much has, but he’s not a good athlete by any means

That’s in a nutshell, motor. He needs a heavy dose of it and everything else will fall into place.

I’m not sure what about your comment would be viewed as funny. He is much more athletic than most 6’10" 240 guys. Hell, just look at the other guys that size that we’ve had recently. Obviously if you only look at his position (assuming he plays 4) he’s not anything special, but it’s rare to see guys that large have good vertical bounce. I mean look at this high school video, and it’s fair to assume he’s gotten more athletic since then.


I don’t think his vertical is impressive at all, especially from a functional standpoint. He needs a running start to get off the ground, he sorely lacks the sort of quick twitch explosion needed to finish dump offs.

Did your phone autocorrect to “funny”?

What did you think people might interpret as funny?


Not trying to be funny, but is D.J. Wilson 240?

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I actually did laugh at your comment because I would’ve said the same thing lol. His official listing on is 240 though, so he’s probably at least 235.

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I find him pretty athletic. Like mentioned already, very few guys his size can come around like he does. Now, does he fast pg agility? No. But for his size, he is very much so athletic.


I don’t think DJ’s athleticism is the issue, it’s more a lack of court sense. Probably needs to improve his self-confidence as well.

If the workouts in LA protect DJ from Camp Sanderson stress-fracturitis, that would be a good thing.


I’m not trying to be funny, but I agree that DJ has decent athleticism.

He just isn’t aggressive or skilled enough at this point in his career.


MattD - Totally agree with you. I really like your evaluations. Many people will say a kid has a 25 -30 inch vertical, but the big question is how fast does it take him to reach 30 inch and does he need to squat down and use his whole body to reach his peak. An explosive kid will already have leaped up grabbed the ball and down to the other end.

I am with MattD on this too. DJ lacks explosiveness, like a car can go 200mph, but takes 10 seconds 0-60mph.

So you think that explosiveness and being considered athletic for their size are completely equivalent? I mean by that logic GR3 wasn’t very athletic either, huh? He surely wasn’t quick on his feet compared to other 6’6" guys with average at best straight line speed and lateral quickness.

I fee like DJ is sleeping when he plays he just looks it has no energy.

Big difference in the type of lift DJ gets on a functional basis off of dumpoffs vs. GR3

Here is Wilson as a FR vs Villanova. He got the ball off a PnR dumpoff from Walton, was able to take 1 step for momentum and didn’t get much lift at all

Go to the :50 second mark

Compare that to GR3 as a freshman. He’s able to receive the pass from Mitch. He rises up from a vertical position, no momentum like DJ, and is literally able to hang in the air as the defender goes down and he just waits lol

This is the famous DJ Wilson play that they’ve used as an example for his valgus knee condition.

They said his vertical increased 7 inches from freshman to sophomore year as they corrected it.

That’s why Sanderson’s eyes widened, and why, ultimately, Wilson has increased his vertical leap by 7.5 inches over the last year. The 6-foot-10 redshirt freshman forward has gone from 29.5 inches to 36.5 and can now touch 12 feet, 2 inches.

I think the biggest thing with Wilson is that he just needs to become more fluid and confident as he plays. Both athletically and making decisions.

Agreed, DJ can look very stiff/mechanical in his motions at times. Just doesn’t look comfortable out there IMO