Devin Booker names top five

Maybe alphabetical?

Would James Blackmon Jr.'s decision have any impact on this? My understanding is he is more of a shooter and his father played at Kentucky.

I have a feeling Booker leaning towards Kentucky w/ Ulis.
Kentucky got how far last year? Didn’t make the dance with all that “talent”?
Got beat to who in what tourney? Kentucky does not impress me. Lots of guys thinking they will be successful pros sitting the bench while other guys thinking they will be pros playing…all the while not even making the tournament and losing to Robert Morris.
Devin - come to Michigan.

I think they both end up at MSU.

Has anyone heard any feedback on Booker’s visits to MSU and Kentucky?

Has anyone heard any feedback on Booker's visits to MSU and Kentucky?
General consensus seems to be that Booker will now end up at UK along with Ulis. Ulis' father has stated in interviews that Tyler is close to making a decision, possibly the end of this week or early next week. 247 Crystal ball is shifting rapidly toward UK for Booker and Ulis. I personally can't speak with any certainty, but I'd say we no longer have the inside track on Booker.

Booker in my opinion (that doesnt matter) seems to be slipping away from UM. I also think UM has made Chatman its #1 target and things are heating up there.

well, Booker is still scheduled to visit in 3 weeks so I’m not counting silence as disinterest just yet.

I feel good about Booker. Some positive stuff about KY right after a visit is pretty typical. Still seems like it’s a two horse race between KY and UM. Calipari is a great recruiter and Ulis might be headed there too, so there’s stiff competition. As long as Booker makes the 10/5 visit, I think we’ll have a good shot.

I doubt he makes that visit. The dominoes are about to start falling in a big way.

Disappointed to be losing out on Booker if that’s the case. He was an obvious favorite for me among the current slate of recruits.

Actually, I’d guess there’s a high probability that Booker makes his UM visit. For one thing, he has an official visit planned for Missouri on 10/19 during which his father is going to be honored. I’d be surprised if he commits elsewhere prior to that Mizzou trip. For another, Booker seems like he’s committed to a process that he wants to see through – in addition to being high on UM. And it’s unlikely that he’ll feel pressure to commit to KY if he wants to go there. Calipari will have plenty of time to find a spot for Booker if the mutual interest continues.