Detroit fires Bacari Alexander

Prentis Mercer, the father of 6-foot-7 junior forward Tariiq Jones, said he is upset about the treatment of his son after Alexander allegedly told Jones to “suck his (genitalia)” during a Nov. 6 practice.

“He told my son to suck his (genitalia), grabbed his balls and stared at him,’’ said Mercer.

This plus a terrible record…wonder where he will be going next.

I’m gonna guess a career high major assistant. Still not a bad gig haha

UDM was a terribly coached team. I watched two games and they were both atrocious

Did he act like that during his time at UM?

Wow… the wheels fell off his tenure as a head coach quickly. That will be his last D-1 “head” coaching gig.

It does sound like a tough story to recover from. Wish him well and hope he is extended the additional chances that all of us need in life!

Good luck to BA, he seemed to do a good job at UM! I will say I did not like the hire of Kam’s father…I think it sends the wrong message in your first year!

Agree. I know it’s not officially out of conformance, but I am not happy when football does it, either. Basically, you are finding a way to pay a player. . . then having the parent looking over your shoulder. I’m sure Bacari saw it as his initial leg up and, worth noting, someone at UD must have approved. . .