Derrick Walton's Passing Ability

I recall a week or two ago, someone saying he wasn’t much of a halfcourt passer. Pretty hard to reconcile that opinion with this video:

What a stud he was. Man

I will always wonder why it seemed to take so long for Walton to take full command the offense. There are probably a number of reasons. I’m just happy my take away memory of his 4 years will be the second half of his senior season and the only regret is that he didn’t get to bask in the joy of a final make.


Title scared me. Don’t like thought of Derrick passing


Walton made one of the biggest turnarounds I have ever seen for a Senior player. It was remarkable! I wouldn’t want to take a single thing away from Walton’s success…I think it was after about midway through Walton’s senior season when my middle school son no longer felt the need to rewind the DVR, at least a few times a game, and ask, out of frustration “how does Walton not see that play”?

Walton made plays toward the end. No doubt. I do think amazing floor spacing provided by Wilson, Wagner, Robinson and MAAR helped create a situation where even an average playmaker could have enjoyed some success.

Walton did great down the stretch. Better than great.

Replacing him will be our biggest challenge.