Derek walton?! Why

Is he serious? Showing off. What a joke. Deserved to lose that because of that. Not to mention he got burned over and over late.we are terrible at clock management either way indianda is going to kill us if we defend like that again

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Didn’t get to watch. What did he do?

Stole the ball with 1.5seconds left to seal game and if or some reason he thinks game is over and he runs out of bounds with the ball while heaving it down court trying to be cute. Leaving .6 seconds left on the clock and now advancing the ball under our hoop giving them one last shot to win. Luckily the kid shorts the three

I wanted to puke I thought for sure they were gonna hit a three to win

That would have actually been a pretty fitting ending, unfortunately.

I know. It was a top ten bonehead sports play I’ve ever seen live

When that shot went up I immediately thought of that Evan turner buzzer beater. Made my stomach turn.

Except we weren’t in the 1-3-1

Also, we got lucky because Robinson took four steps before getting fouled on that corner trap.

I just don’t get how people make such crazy mental lapses. It’s like when someone drops the ball trying to be cute before they cross the goal line for a td. What a joke. Also refs really helped us
Today from certain doom

Over the last few years, traveling has basically been an optional call for refs. Easy to recognize, but often ignored.

Ha just said that. Refs really helped us. Once again how come coach b can’t figure out a play to get us to inbound the ball. It’s really not that hard

It is inexplicable. It has been a problem for years now.

Walton wasn’t showing off. He was running and off-balance and probably should’ve heaved it a step earlier or done a better job of keeping his feet in bounds. Still prototypical of this year (and last): a little flustered.

And with respect to the refs, NU was holding and bumping every cut – on that inbounds play and throughout. And if the refs called every travel, it’d be a much different game. We did not get lucky there – on the call at least. The inbounding thing does seem mysteriously difficult for UM.


He clearly did not do that purposely he just lost his balance. You can not say Indiana will kill us we are in March the month of upsets.

If we defend like we did today for most the game we will lose by fifteen. And if you watch the play again although Walton was slightly off balance he definitely could have stopped, but thought the gene was over/ had more room. Hopefully we tighten the d up