Depth and future rotations


I interpreted it the same as buckets12, I think. Z is in first place. Simmons is slower to pick up the offense relative to his being a very experienced senior who was expected to be starting pg. Brooks is picking up the offense a lot faster relative to him being an incoming Freshman.

The buzz around Brooks is very intriguing to me…I hope I can make it to the game tonight…


I wonder how big the competition is between Livers and Robinson. Livers looks pretty damn good. JB also mentioned that it was a mistake to focus on Robinson’s size/ strength (in terms of training) last year and that he maybe plays better a little lighter…It might be a clue that Robinson is not going to be expected to play a ton at 4? Livers looks way ahead of Robinson in terms of raw/ natural strength and athleticism. The way Livers moves and his size actually reminds me of JMO with handles and an outside shot…


When Matthews and Duncan are on the floor, Matthews will guard the four. Unless the four is a stretch guy. I think we can safely assume that’s how it will play out (just like last year with Irvin).


I wouldn’t say that point guard has always been the least of our concerns at the start of the season (which is the point they’re talking about). Three times we’ve had true freshman as our starter (Morris, Burke and Walton), with basically no one else viable. Eventually they all worked out, but there was plenty of uncertainty at the start of those seasons.


I’m sure Beilein would prefer to have a Livers who can shoot the 3 decently and rebound a little at the 4 for more minutes than Robinson, but there’s no telling how soon that will be a viable option.

Livers may look decent in practice against his teammates, but that doesn’t always translate to being “pretty damn good” in real games, against quality opposition.


Yeah, you are right. I am excited to see how our new players do in real games!


Does BTN+ show replays or only live? I can’t watch live tonight, but I’ll shell out $10 to watch it on replay (+ the other games on it this month).


There are replays on there. BTN also runs replays at times, but I don’t see Michigan in the schedule for the next couple days.


While I would much prefer Duncan off the bench I can’t remotely see Livers being ready to start. Maybe by February but even that may be a big stretch.


Is Livers known as a good rebounder and defensive player? That is what he needs to be to replace Duncan. He isn’t going to outshoot him.


Good athlete, but I’m not sure I would have ever pegged him to be know as a ‘defensive stopper and rebounder’ in high school.

That being said, is he better at those than Duncan? Probably. Key will be getting him up to speed on offense to provide solid backup minutes and give a different look IMO.


Yeah I’m definitely not expecting it day one. I was just fully expecting to hear Duncan and even Matthews’ name as locked-in starters as well. The fact that he singled out SG and C as the only locks to me speaks to the backup wings looking decent enough to make it a little uncertain who starts long-term. I’m most curious to see who is first and second off the bench tonight. Livers will come in at the 4 I’m sure but between Poole, Brooks, Simmons, Watson there’s a lot of nice options at the 1-3.


I’m excited about the point guard position. There may be some unknowns but for the first time in some years we go into the season with possibly more than one option at the point and possibly three solid options.

My feeling is that it would be great if Livers at some point after the guaranteed games can become the starter. I like Duncan but when teams with great length and size play Mich he is going to get abused on defense and a liability on the boards. He is such a tweener. It would be ideal if he had the strength to guard the 4 consistently. Michigan state game will not be pretty for him as I see it

Even Wagner is going to have to pick up his defensive game as there is no DJ to help cover with blocks. After watching the team scrimmage I am hoping that Livers can help out in that area.


At this point in his career Livers is not going to add much more defense than Duncan, if any at all. Not sure why people are wanting him to overtake Duncan.


That is more about Duncan’s deficiencies and a hope that Livers can be better, but I agree with you that it is unlikely that Livers is ready to contribute much at this point, let alone start.


We don’t know that about Livers. I will almost bet he has better quickness and can rebound and block shots better.


There’s 35 minute guy #1


So for those keeping score, here are the 10:


It appears that Poole and Davis are on the outside looking in right now. The big question seems to be who gets cut going to 8 or 9.


FWIW, really surprised about Poole. But for the 10 left standing, I just don’t see how you take any one of those guys out of the mix. Especially with Brooks playing the way he has been.


What I saw this summer from ibi was no joke, his confidence is completely different and much better.