Depth and future rotations



Beilein said he wants to play 10 guys tomorrow, maybe 11. So the question is, which guys are on the outside looking in? That will be interesting to see.


I’d guess one of the back-up 5s (Teske or Davis) and one of Watson or Poole.


Yeah my guess is Z, MAAR, CM, Duncan, Moe, Simmons, Brooks, Teske, Livers for sure… And then one of Poole/Watson and probably Davis getting a few minutes


My guess:

Simpson, Simmons
MAAR, Brooks
Matthews, Poole
Duncan, Livers
Wagner, Teske

Davis is the 11th and gets 2 or 3 minutes instead of Teske.


I bet they all see the floor as well as some of the walk-ons.


Yeah, but what matters is who sees the floor during the rotation part of the game… not the last 2 minutes in a blowout

JB specifically said he wants to cut it down to 10 so that will be the telling part


Not too hard to figure out who the top 10 are. I would like to see him use that rotation all year long (assuming it produces).


The wildcard to me is Ibi


Definitely a make or break year for him certainly. If he doesn’t crack the rotation this year, it definitely won’t get easier next year.


What should we read into this?

For almost the last decade, the point guard spot has been the least of Beilein’s concerns. This year, it is at the top of the list.

“We’ll figure it out,” Beilein said. “Some guys are learning very fast and some are not.


Being that X got the start and the Brooks praise has been effusive…I think there might only be 1 other option


that’s what i was afraid of.


While we’re on the topic of reading into things…I found it interesting that JB would only name MAAR and Wagner as starters. His quote about some guys being more comfortable coming off the bench felt very Duncan-specific to me. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Livers have a very real chance at the starting 4 or if Poole’s game translates quickly maybe push CM to the 4 next to Poole.


This would be very good for us if Livers was ready to start. Even if he just kicked the game off and Duncan came in. I worry about DR’s ability to match up to most teams 1’s.


But it is what is. If Z is playing really well, and Brooks is too, we’ll be more than fine at the position.


I tend to agree. Basically, we’re betting on Duncan’s ability to help spread the floor outweighing his inability to guard fours on the inside. I think in most games, that will work out OK for us, but not always. If Livers is capable of giving us strong minutes, that would be huge.


He was talking about the PGs at that spot, FWIW.


I think it is safe to assume that Simmons is struggling a bit early to pick up the offense. Just given his body of work and the fact that he isn’t starting. That doesn’t mean things don’t start to click eventually.


Since we’ve been thinking all offseason that Simmons would get the start and that now it seems likely that Z will get it, I’m tending to think that Beilein meant that Simmons is still learning the system, and being a bit slow to get there. Don’t see this statement referring to Brooks necessarily