DePaul grad transfer Jalen Coleman-Lands lists Michigan in top five


Wow that stat about his guarded catch and shoot jumpers is crazy.

Yeah he doesn’t fill the shot creation hole but those are gonna be few and far between with a regular transfer being our only shot there. We’d still have an open scholarship. The hope could be that if Livers stays we could have a legitimately good shooting team, and maybe with that shooting we can get some creation out of Smith, Brooks, Wagner, Dickinson


Article answered my main question (“why did his shooting get so much worse?) - I think we definitely need more options at the guard than Eli/Smith/Zeb - that group has a ton of question marks.

Honestly your description of him makes me think of Eli offensively - a good catch and shoot guy who struggles getting to the rim (and finishing if he does) with a solid mid-range game (though Eli would seem to take fewer). I’m skeptical of Eli’s ability to be a creator and scoring the moment he needs to dribble (like Jalen Coleman it sounds).

It seems likely he’d be competing with Zeb for the third guard though right? Eli is probably a better player (sounds like a pretty big gulf defensively), and while Smith may not be he’s the only guy on the roster who can create shots. I guess I wonder why he’d leave a starting role for this.


We need all the help we can get there. Want

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Really want!!!

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He fits a roster need for guard depth and based on track record, I would be surprised if he did not earn 20 minutes a game. Like @mgl I don’t see a for sure path to a starting role, so I wonder how appealing Michigan would be. I would be happy if Jalen chooses Michigan.


Would significantly elevate the floor of the guard rotation. Want him bad.

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I understand handedness can come significantly into play but it’s always wild to me when I see a guy with such a massive accuracy split between the two three point corners.

If nothing else, JCL would ideally allow Franz to play exclusively at the 3, which is probably ideal if Livers is back.


You might remember him as the recruit that was part of the many Jalen crew.

He was named after Jalen Rose, and we dropped him after a long recruitment, and likely commitment, because Michigan went crazy and picked up a NCAA Division III Duncan Robinson.


More likely just sample size.

On one side, there are already incoming players (Smith, Jackson). On the other side, there are not really many proven commodities.

Dylan - We know UM has minutes to give at guard, what about the other teams he listed? Do those teams have a big need and available playing time at guard?

Don’t know the specifics of their rosters but I would assume so. USC loses Jonah Mathews, Daniel Utomi and Elijah Weaver. Iowa State has been very active in the guard transfer market.

But yeah, sign me up. We need a body badly.


Yeah I’m in for almost any guard who can play at a HM level. As it stands, the starting guards won’t even have enough guard bodies to give them a good look in practice during scrimmages, let alone talking about someone who could actually contribute on the floor during games.


At this point, I’m all for it. Especially if it means seeing less of Nunez.


Yep, I remember that crazy time well and the debate that ensued. How could Michigan possibly take a DIII kid over a top 40 recruit! Oh my, what was Beilein thinking?!? :wink:

I’m so glad Coach B had the foresight to take that DIII player, Duncan Robinson, a GREAT shooter who became an NBA players! Having said that, I really want Juwan Howard to bring in JCL now!

I won’t allow myself to get too excited, though. Been there, done that, and came away disappointed!

I’m not even going to write my usual, “Here’s why the young man should come and play for Juwan” recruiting pitch, but there are a LOT of reasons Michigan would be a GREAT destination for Jalen.


At this moment in time would be a gigantic coupe for Juwan Howard . Like Silver above I am all in on this one.


@umhoops thanks for the write up. Curious after reading your breakdown, is your personal opinion that this one still doesn’t make much sense?